Past Projects

Geotechnical Projects

Engineering Analytics

Project: Juenemann Residence

Description: Soils investigation for a failed residential foundation.

Location: Thornton, Colorado

Kirkland Construction

Project: US Highway 287 Project

Description: Aggregate investigation using NQ2 Wireline core barrel.

Location: Laramie, WY

J & T Consulting

Project: GP Resources

Description: Install Monitor wells around a slurry wall at a sand and gravel pit.

Location: Lamar, Colorado

Earth Engineering Consultants

Project: South Hill Aquifer Pump Test

Description: Complete a high volume Pump test for a proposed dewatering project.

Location: Windsor, Colorado

American Civil Constructors

Project: Lone Pine Reservoir

Description: Install Monitor Wells in a new mountain Dam.

Location: Red Feather Lakes, CO

SCS Aquaterra

Project: Bluegrass Water

Description: Install Monitor Wells and complete a geotechnical investigation for a proposed wastewater facility.

Location: Wright, Wyoming

Colorado River Conservation District

Project: Ritschard Dam

Description: Install Vibrating Wire Piezometers In existing dam.

Location: Kremmling, Colorado

Lidstone Associates

Project: North Well Field Project

Description: Groundwater investigation using HSA and installing piezometers.

Location: Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Golder Associates

Project: Curtis Lake Dam Rehabilitation

Description: Sample and install piezometers on an existing dam.

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Womack Associates

Project: Lily Lake Project

Description: Drill and sample with a track rig.

Location: Estes Park, CO

AMEC Foster Wheeler

Project: CEMEX Lyons

Description: Drill with 4 ¼ ID HAS and Core with a NQ2 Wireline core barrel.

Location: Lyons, Colorado

Tetra Tech

Project: Briggsdale Station

Description: Drill and sample for a proposed Compressor Station in Weld County, Colorado

Location: Briggsdale, Colorado

Geocal Engineering Consultants

Project: Weld County Bridge Project

Description: Drill and sample for a geotechnical Weld County Bridge Project report.

Swift River Environmental

Description: Drill with Hollow Stem Auger and sample a five-foot long CME Continuous Sampler Barrel.

Location: Northern Colorado Landfill

Martin Marietta Materials

Project: Greeley Plant

Description: Use Hollow Stem Auger for drilling sampling for an aggregate investigation.

Location: Greeley, Colorado

Salem Engineering Group

Project: Erie Development Project

Description: Drill with 4-inch diameter Solid Flight Auger and sample with Split Spoons, Shelby Tubes and Modified California Barrels

Location: Erie, Colorado

Deere & Ault Consultants

Project: McIntosh Lake Project

Description: Drill and sample for geotechnical investigation.

Location: Longmont, Colorado

Shannon Wilson

Project: Xcel HDD Crossing

Description: Drill and sample with Split Spoons and California Barrels.

Location: Berthoud, Colorado

Bestway Concrete Aggregate

Project: Gravel Study

Description: Drill and sample for proposed Sand & Gravel Mining operation.

Location: Milliken, Colorado

RockSol Consulting Group

Project: Colorado Department of Transportation

Description: Drill and sample with Solis Flight Auger

Location: I-25 Widening Projects

GPD Group

Project: Multiple Cell Tower Sites

Description: Drill and sample for Cell Tower foundation design

Locations: Pueblo, Colorado; Kremmling, Colorado; Laramie, Wyoming

AMEC Foster Wheeler

Project: NuWest – PH3 Gyp Stack Expansion

Description: Drill and Core Bedrock with NQ2 Wireline Core Barrel

Location: Soda Springs, Idaho

Milander White Construction

Project: Neon Aquatic Field Study Sites

Description: Drill and install Monitor Wells

Locations: Fraser, Colorado; Clark County, Virginia; Wabaunsee County, Kansas; Ada, Oklahoma

Environmental Projects


Project: Globe Smelter Project

Description: Drill, sample and install wells.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Colorado State University

Project: F.E. Warren Air Force Base

Description: Freeze cores with the Cryogenic Core Collection (C3) process.

Location: Cheyenne, WY


Project: FMC Westvaco Plant

Description: Complete a range of drilling services.

Location: Grainger, Wyoming


Project: Syntex Agribusiness Project

Description: Install and abandon wells with both an auger rig and Geoprobe 7822DT Direct Push drill rig.

Location: Lyons, Colorado


Project: Clean Harbors Deer Trail Landfill

Description: Install and abandon Monitor Wells

Location: Deer Trail, CO

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Project: Surface Completion Repairs

Description: Repair well covers and concrete pads at numerous sites along the Front Range of Colorado.

Location: Front Range of Colorado

American Environmental Consultants

Project: Washington County Landfill

Description: Drill and install Monitor Wells at an existing landfill.

Location: Akron, Colorado


Project: El Paso Energy Services

Description: Abandon existing Monitor Wells.

Location: Kit Carson Compressor Station, Kit Carson, CO


Project: L.E. Service Station

Description: Drill with a CME-75 Drill Rig and the CME Continuous Sampler System in order to delineate a gasoline plume in the fractured bedrock formation.

Location: Springfield, Colorado

ERO Resources

Project: Dieterich Standard Project

Description: Install angled injection wells beneath a commercial building.

Location: Boulder, Colorado


Project: Whiting Petroleum

Description: Drill with a Central Mine Equipment Drill Rig and install four-inch diameter wells.

Location: Redtail, Weld County, Colorado

WENCK Engineering

Project: FTC Express

Description: Drill, sample and install wells at a gas station site.

Location: Scottsbluff, Nebraska


Project: TATA Chemical

Description: Drill and Sample with 4 ¼ ID HSA. Install wells.

Location: Green River, Wyoming

Terracon Environmental

Project: Department of Energy IND-2 Landfill

Description: Drill with a CME-75 Drill rig and sample with Hollow Stem Auger and Air Rotary. Install monitor well.

Location: Teapot Dome, WY


Project: DuPont Chemours Chambers Works

Description: Complete Cryogenic Core Collection.

Location: Deep Water, New Jersey

Swift River Environmental

Project: Northern Colorado Landfill

Description: Drill with Hollow Stem Auger and sample a five-foot long CME Continuous Sampler Barrel.

Martin Marietta Materials

Project: Greeley Plant

Description: Use Hollow Stem Auger for drilling sampling for an aggregate investigation.

Location: Greeley, Colorado

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Project: Chemical Sales Super Fund Site

Description: Install Monitor Wells at a Super Fund site in order to determine the extent of contamination in the groundwater.

Location: Denver, Colorado


Project: Chevron Cincinnati Facility

Description: Complete several Cryogenic Drilling and Cryogenic Coring Collection borings.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Swift River Environmental

Project: DADS Landfill

Description: Install one replacement Monitor Well.

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Molen & Associates

Project: Former Pecos Landfill Project

Description: Complete Direct Push soil sampling.

Location: Denver, Colorado

TRC Companies

Project: Install Monitor Wells

Description: Install multiple wells at an oil refinery.

Location: Suncor Refinery, Commerce City, Colorado

Feezor Engineering

Project: Tower Landfill

Description: Install Monitor and Landfill Gas wells.

Location: Commerce City, CO

HollyFrontier Oil Refinery

Project: Well Rehab Project

Description: Surge, bail, and pump multiple six-inch recovery wells.

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Arrowhead Contracting

Project: Former Atlas “E” Missile Site

Description: Drill with CME-75. Sample with the CME Continuous Sampler Barrel. Install Monitor Wells.

Location: Nunn, Colorado