Environmental Drilling & Sampling

Drilling Engineers fields a complete array of equipment to handle a wide range of environmental investigations, including soil gas sampling and monitoring well installation. The company’s drilling rigs—a Geoprobe 7822DT, three CME-75s and two CME-55s—enable the company to equip its field crews with the exact mix of drilling rigs and sampling equipment required for each new work plan.

Environmental Drilling and Sampling Equipment

The company’s sampling equipment includes:

  • Geoprobe Dual Tube Samplers—in 2.25” and 3.25” diameters
  • Geoprobe Macrocore Sampler—2.25” diameters
  • CME Continuous Sampling System
  • Hydropunch Sampling System
  • Heavy-duty Lnyac Split-spoon Sampling System
  • Shelby tubes
  • California Barrels, both standard and modified
  • Giddings Samplers, both standard and modified
  • Injection Pumps
  • Test Pumps








Key Projects: Environmental Sampling and Drilling

Drilling Engineers maintains an extensive list of key projects. Some highlights from that project list are:

  • Environmental investigation at a former landfill for a building expansion, Colorado;
  • Soil and groundwater sampling at a freight distribution hub, Wyoming;
  • Groundwater sampling project at an Air Force base, Wyoming;
  • Sampling and installation of groundwater and soil gas monitoring wells at a landfill, Nebraska;
  • Direct push sampling of soil water and soil gas at a rail yard, Wyoming;
  • Direct push sampling inside a manufacturing building, Utah;
  • Continuous sampling of and installation of monitoring wells at an evaporative pond for oil field waste water, Wyoming
  • Abandon and redrill a damaged well at a landfill, Nebraska;
  • Direct push and soil gas sampling to define a trichlorethene (TCE) plume at an Air Force base superfund site, Wyoming;
  • Direct push sampling and installation of monitoring wells for a TCE plume investigation, Colorado;
  • Sampling and installation of monitoring wells at a former refinery, Wyoming;
  • Chemical and mechanical rehabilitation of recovery wells; Colorado;
  • Sampling and installation of nested gas probes at a landfill; Colorado;
  • Sampling and installation of monitoring wells for an OPS Investigation at an oil plant; Colorado
  • Sampling and installation of remedial wells at a former gas station; Colorado.

Experienced and Skilled

Drilling Engineers’ field crews are experienced and well-trained. Their work on past jobs and familiarity in working with the company’s equipment translates into efficient, competent work on each new job.


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