Bedrock And Soil Sampling

Drilling Engineers provides soil and bedrock sampling for a complete range of lithographies. The company’s Geoprobe 7822DT drilling rig provides direct-push capabilities in unconsolidated and semi-consolidated subsurfaces. In semi-consolidated and consolidated lithographies, the company can deploy its CME-55s and CME-75s for auger and rotary drilling.

Drilling Equipment and Soil Sampling Probes

The company’s equipment for soil and bedrock sampling includes:

  • Geoprobe Dual Tube Samplers—in 2.25” and 3.25” diameters
  • Geoprobe Macrocore Sampler—2.25” diameters
  • CME Continuous Sampling System
  • Hydropunch Sampling System
  • Heavy-duty Lnyac Split-spoon Sampling System
  • Shelby tubes
  • California Barrels, both standard and modified
  • Giddings Samplers, both standard and modified

Key Projects: Soil and Bedrock Sampling

Drilling Engineers maintains an extensive list of key projects. Some highlights from that project list are:

  • Drill, sample, core and run packer tests for a slurry well design at a gravel pit, Colorado;
  • Geotechnical investigation at a former landfill for a building expansion, Colorado;
  • Drill and continuous sampling for a forensic investigation at a housing complex, Colorado;
  • Installation of piezometers for an irrigation water recharge project, Colorado;
  • Investigation a spoils pile for a highwall reclamation project at a coal mine, Wyoming;
  • Drill and sample in a forensic investigation of a failed foundation at a housing complex, Colorado;
  • Drill and sample for a new ethanol processing plant, Colorado;
  • Drill and sample, test compaction for a soil anchor project, Colorado;
  • Drill and sample for new cell tower sites; Wyoming;
  • Drill, sample and installation of piezometers and inclinometers for a landslide investigation project at an electrical substation, Colorado;
  • Drill and sample for the construction a new wind farm, Oklahoma;
  • Drill, sample and installation of vibrating wire peizometers, Colorado;
  • Drilling and sampling for an analysis of failed pavement, Colorado;
  • Drill and sample with a CME-55 and a short tower under a canopy at a water-water composting facility, Colorado.

Experienced and Skilled

Drilling Engineers’ field crews are experienced and well-trained. Their work on past jobs and familiarity in working with the company’s equipment translates into efficient, competent work on each new job.


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