Monitor Well Installation

Drilling Engineers installs, repairs and abandons wells. The company’s CME 55’s and 75’s as well as the Geoprobe 7822DT’s direct-push capabilities provides for efficient and quick installation of monitoring and remedial wells in softer lithographies. For harder subsurfaces, the company uses hollow-stem auger drills to create the borehole for well installation.

Equipment for Well Installation

The company’s equipment for well installation includes:

  • Hollow Stem Augers — in diameters 3.25″, 4.25″, 6.25″, 8.25″ and 10.25″
  • Injection Pumps
  • Test Pumps in 2” diameter, capable of moving 70 to 220 gallons per minute
  • Submersible pumps in 2” and 4” diameters
  • Packers in diameters from 3” to 6”
  • 3” diameter flowmeters, capable of measuring up to 250 gallons per minute









Key Projects: Monitoring Well Installation

Drilling Engineers maintains an extensive list of key projects. Some highlights from that project list are:

  • Environmental investigation at a former landfill for a building expansion, Colorado
  • Soil and groundwater sampling at a freight distribution hub, Wyoming
  • Groundwater sampling project at an Air Force base, Wyoming
  • Sampling and installation of groundwater and soil gas monitoring wells at a landfill, Nebraska
  • Direct push sampling of soil water and soil gas at a rail yard, Wyoming
  • Direct push sampling inside a manufacturing building, Utah
  • Continuous sampling of and installation of monitoring wells at an evaporative pond for oil field waste water, Wyoming
  • Abandon and redrill a damaged well at a landfill, Nebraska
  • Direct push and soil gas sampling to define a trichlorethene (TCE) plume at an Air Force base superfund site, Wyoming
  • Direct push sampling and installation of monitoring wells for a TCE plume investigation, Colorado
  • Sampling and installation of monitoring wells at a former refinery, Wyoming;
  • Chemical and mechanical rehabilitation of recovery wells; Colorado
  • Sampling and installation of nested gas probes at a landfill; Colorado
  • Sampling and installation of monitoring wells for an OPS Investigation at an oil plant; Colorado
  • Sampling and installation of remedial wells at a former gas station; Colorado

Experienced and Skilled

Drilling Engineers’ field crews are experienced and well-trained. Their work on past jobs and familiarity in working with the company’s equipment translates into efficient, competent work on each new job.


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