About Us

Dependable, Professional, & Experienced

Drilling Engineers Inc. delivers high-quality drilling services to its clients by combining in-depth experience with state-of-the-art technology. In its nearly fifty years of operation, the company has provided drilling services for a wide variety of projects: residential and commercial development, forensic studies, dam design and evaluation, slurry wall design, pavement analysis, mineral exploration and environmental investigation and remediation. The breadth of that experience gives Drilling Engineers Inc. the confidence and skill to tackle each new project.

Our Process

The company begins each new project by working in conjunction with the client to develop an efficient work plan that details the objectives of the assignment. The work plans enable clear communication between the client and the work crew. Drilling Engineers Inc. takes pride in the fact that field crew members have had lengthy careers working for the firm; each member of the company’s drilling crew has worked for the company for 12 years on average.

The experience they have working with the company and its specialized equipment means that Drilling Engineers Inc. can deliver professional, efficient results for each new project. All members of the company’s field crews are OSHA and MSHA certified.

The company works primarily in the inter-Mountain West region of the United States, and holds licenses in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. The company ranges outside of that region as well, having completed projects as far north as the Canadian border and as far south as Arkansas. Drilling Engineers Inc. does work for a variety of clients, including geotechnical and environmental consulting firms, developers, aggregate suppliers, water storage and supply districts, utility and industrial organizations, mining and railroad companies as well as all levels of governmental agencies — including military and state highway authorities.

Need more information?

Call (970) 484-5183 to obtain more details about the many drilling services available. You can also email info@drillingengineers.com and expect a prompt response.