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Drilling Engineers’ fleet of geotechnical drilling rigs—which includes three CME-55s, three CME-75s and a Geoprobe 7822DT—is well equipped for auger drilling.

The company is able to outfit each rig with hollow-stem augers or continuous flight augers. Work crews can deploy a variety of sampling equipment in the hollow stem augers: CME’s Continuous Core Sampling System, heavy-duty split spoon sampling, Shelby tubes and California barrels (standard and modified). The company’s fleet has the capacity to drill at angles.

Over 60 years of experience.

We provide drilling services to a broad range of public and private sector clients. We offer our clients years of on-site experience, state-of-the-art equipment and attention to the needs of their project.

cyrogenic core drilling in action
drilling engineers team at work
cyrogenic core drilling in action with man watching drilling engineers team standing in front of drilling rigs
cyrogenic core pulled from drill hole
drill rig performing cryogenic core drilling
Featured Service
Cryogenic Core Drilling

Cryogenic Core Collection (C3) is a technique to collect frozen soil cores which are then processed under controlled laboratory conditions. Core samples are frozen in situ before recovery to better preserve pore fluids, volatile compounds, dissolved gases, redox conditions, mineralogy, microbial ecology, and pore structure. Furthermore, in situ freezing improves quality of recovered core by preventing materials from dropping out of sample liners during recovery to ground surface.

Featured Service
Barge Drilling

Custom Drilling Barge designed for ease of transportation. Drilling and soil sampling for both Geotechnical and Environmental projects.

We designed the barge so that it could be transported with our equipment carrier; unload, assemble and load the drill in one day.

barge drilling on a lake with mountains in the background
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